Other Fragments


Death, Resurrection, Ascension

We have death with Christ in Romans, resurrection with Christ in Colossians, and sitting in heavenly places . .. in Ephesians. (JND Vol 26, p 273)

This Thing is From Me

Do you say, this trial or that is enough to discourage me? But no; it is God who is bringing you into it and God is with you in the place, dealing with you in grace, according to the place He has brought you into. ( JND Vol 27, p 412)

Responsibility for Light Received

He who has truly received the word in the heart is fitted to communicate it to others. He may not have the gift of preaching, but he loves the truth, he loves souls, and the glory of the Saviour; and the light which has been lit in his heart is to light all around him. (JND Vol 24, p 251)

Christ is Everything

It is a great thing, when Christ has such a place with us as to be everything. In one sense this is the door by which all must pass through. At death, if not before, nature must decay and vanish. What is more nothing than death? All here is gone. We may learn this spiritually, or by circumstances, or at the moment of death itself; but learn it we must. We must find everything but Christ [to be] nothing. (JND Vol 21, p 173)